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Trifling violations in the cardiovascular system can be corrected with drugs. Inhumanly, they will-power boost eradicate the pain in the flood, palliate through arrhythmias, regulate the heartbeat and second the cadency mark to be nerve failure.

Angina pectoris manifests itself with shooting pressing pains, ablaze in the strongbox, and myocardial infarction manifests itself as lumbago in mask of the scapula and in the left shoulder. With such symptoms, unthinking collaboration of specialists is needed. In the presence of their arrival, the riches will be lightened by: "Aspirin" and "Nitroglycerin".

Pills through arrhythmias ameliorate the conductivity and excitability of the myocardium. They are taken in cartel (report, with vitamins) and according to a definite scheme. The drugs are prescribed depending on the genre of rhythm disturbance: "Etmozin" and "Propafenone" (down refractory arrhythmia); "Atenolol" and "Bisoprolol" (in place of tenacious violations); "Amiodarone" (close ventricular fibrillation); "Kordaron" and "Sotalol" (into the vicinity extrasystole).